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Terms of Use

(Updated: 2023/4/27)

artnfun.hk is owned by ART N FUN LIMITED in Hong Kong.


Our main businesses operated by this website include:


(1) Wholesale of high-quality frozen meats

(2) Wholesale of Japan wines

(3) Host promotion events for Japan wines

(4) Wholesale of snack foods



- Only by visiting our office, or through this website and our company’s FACEBOOK is the way to contact us;

- Except for the formal contract documents signed with our company or company invoices, please do not trust any other payment request other than the payment method listed on the contract or on official company invoice, and only to the company's bank account. We do not ask customers for money through any social media platform, beware of being deceived;

- All matters shall be subject to the final signed contract or formal company inovice;

- ART N FUN LIMITED reserves the right of final interpretation of these Terms of Use and decision on any questions or disputes arising under these Terms of Use;



Please email to us at inquiry@artnfun.hk if you found any infringement involving the content or picture in this website. We shall try our best to deal with the matter as soon as possible.



If you or any other person completely or in part due to the negligence or other can't control accident to direct use of this website and cause death or personal injury during the acquisition, incorporated, interpretation, reports or delivery of this website and any site content, this website are not undertake any responsibility for related loss or damage. In any case, this website is not responsible for your and any others' decisions or actions base on trust this website or this website material.

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