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Wakayama peach white wine

a white wine with rich peach sweetness and aroma

fruit_wines fruit_wines

Wakayama citrus jabara white wine

a refreshing white wine with mild citrus sweetness

fruit_wines fruit_wines

Kishu Mount Koya Plum red wine

a red wine with Mount Koya plum sweetness

fruit_wines fruit_wines

Satsuma mandarin orange wine

A sake that goes well with fruits and meat dishes. Since the raw material of this wine is Satsuma citrus, the acidity(citric acid) contained in citrus can increase your appetite and has lipolytic effect. Enjoy this sparkling sake with dinner for a good time.

fruit_sake fruit_sake

Nagano Fuji apple liqueur

This sake is made by adding a little high-concentration alcohol to the original juice of Fuji apples juice grown in Nagano Prefecture. It's delicious even if you drink it straight. With 95% fruit juice and fruit pulp, you can feel the rich flavor and delicious taste of Fuji apple in this luxuriously intoxicating fruit wine.

fuji_apple_wine fuji_apple_wine

Orangelee Collagen Liqueur

Orangelee is a thick jelly-type liqueur with a pleasant mouthfeel and chewy texture. 70% fruit juice and fruit pulp and an alcohol content of about 6% make this wine easy to drink. It is popular with ladies as each bottle contains 5,000 mg of collagen.

orangelee orangelee

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